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Springfield on a list of proposed National Monuments highlighted in the Washington Post.

The Washington Post

City of Springfield has pledged to donate city property to the United States to establish the National Monument.

1908 Race Riot Monument Designated Site

The Midwest Region SRS study team came up with the “architecture of erasure” concept to help the public understand the goal of the white mob to erase Black people from the land.  The absence of structures is the important resource that NPS could manage if the site is added to the System.

National Parks Service Special Resources Study

New National Park Service study finds 1908 Springfield Race Riot site meets criteria for commemoration

New National Park Services Article

Tell the White House: Designate Springfield as a National Monument

1908 Race Riot Memorial

Civic Engagement Study_ Nov2022
1908 RACE RIOT study

Special Resource Study Civic Engagement Summary November 2022 – The National Park Service, in partnership with the Springfield NAACP, the City of Springfield, and Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), planned and conducted outreach…

1908 RACE RIOT Forum
Springfield NAACP and the National Park Service sponsored a public forum to discuss the impact and relevance of the 1908 Springfield Race Riot. WATCH FORUM

In 1908, a race riot broke out in Springfield, Illinois, and lasted three days. The 1908 Race Riot led to the formation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). WICS and WRSP New Channel 20 interviews Teresa Haley.